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3D Printing with only ROHS certificated Eco-Friendly filament​s

옥수수이나 사탕수수등의 자연적 소재를 분해, 가공해 만들어진 친환경 PLA 필라멘트는 일반적인 석유츄츌 플라스틱 소재와 다르게 생화학적 자연분해가 가능합니다.

인체에 무해한 성분으로 만들어졌다는 유럽 수출 제품 기준(ROHS)을 통과한 PLA 필라멘트 제품만을 사용합니다.


스튜디오에서 구비한 플래시포지사의 대형 3D프린터 장비는 가로280 세로250 높이300의 인쇄물을 고해상도로 출력할수가 있습니다. 

Popup Show 2014 10.16~ 11. 5 / MONOQI X VOO STORE Berlin, Germany


Exhibition 2014 11.6~ 11. 10 DESIGN KOREA 2014  디자인 코리아 2014

일산 킨텍스 제1전시장 1홀 , 창조 디자인 기업관


Projects for Clients 2011 ~ 2013 


The lacquer is a traditional material in Korean craft &art history, and it was one of the most expensive and extravagance material for living craft products and furniture in ancient time. However, as the lacquer painting required very specific temperature & moisture control to dry as well as highly trained fine technique to brush that normally take relatively longer time than modern urethan based paints, it has almost failed to get attention in modern design industry. So, recently one of traditional lacquer producer in Korea has developed a new lacquer product that can dry out on room temperature and ordinary moisture environment just like modern paint products. Moreover, it makes modern design developer easily apply the traditional material on modern products.

During the recovery of traditional material, I could have chance to find the beauty of the material that can be injected on modern aesthetics. Especially the combination of lacquer and brass, which was quite ordinary hardware metal for conventional furniture piece in Korea in the past, shows that how traditional materials can be reinterpreted in a sense of modern beauty. In addition, the Top of the table was inspired by the stream line of Han river in order to symbolize the industrialization in Korea in the past, which often be refered 'miracle'. Because there has been lot of lost in term of tradition and craft identity during the hurry modernization, I wanted to bring the narrative out for modern living in the present where we still frequently forgot about our tradition and rudimentary roots.


The traditional lacquer painting requires specific temperature & mositure control to dry out, and very fine technique to brush, it hasn't got much glorious attention in modern design and art scene.

So, there has been some newly developed product made with modern technology that ccould dry on ordinary room temperature.

Because the product itself functons like any urethane based varnishs or oil, it's relatively easy to apply on any surface and doesn't need picky moisture & temperature control.

I reckon that there could be a lot of creative way to use the product, in this case, the painting is one of them, which I purposefully take advantage of the feature of lacquer. When there are carved marks on wood, the lacquer stains more than flat, as time goes the color get deeper and richer as well.


As I borrowed the method and fundamental principle from one of well-known art painting skill 'Marbling' or 'Swirling', it was created through almost the same process technically. Thus, the results of the unique patterns on each product create own individuality in terms of the appearance.

During the process, the arbitrary improvisation failed sometimes, so it reminded imperfection on the surface such as awful smudge, dirty stains etc, however conversely it also shows the beauty of randomness and imperfection. Their looks just directly represent how they were made, and interpret distinctive perspective on the beauty which includes flaw and error. 

Sep 2013 iGNANT Published


Product's individuality promises not only uniqueness, but narratives within. This lighting pendent was created by plaster bandages which makes all pieces of manupulated product to have all different details and light shading.

As the material of the product is interpreted in different ways that wasn't mean to be, people will recover unexpected interest about the object, and it could be good to make a starting convenrsation.

7 July 2013 Dezeen Published


An outdoor strapping chairs that use PVC straps have been quite popular already. However, PVC isn't eco-firendly material as it releases toxics when it's burnt, and can't be recycled to make other stuffs. So, it might better to replace with other materials like PP straps which we use for packaging.

It has been mass-produced already, so anyone can buy it in cheap price, and has right strenght for sustaining part of furniture.

If you are familar with power tools and know how to weave straps, then you can make your own lounge chair with PP straps.

Central Saint Martins MA Industrial Design Graduation Show 2009, London

'Playground', Frame Project


Awarded for The Final Grand Prize 2008

metafaux studio / 메타포스튜디오

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