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As Platon declared long ago, it may have been considered as the truth that all human have different own world inside of them like a cave, and it is the significant way of understanding out the world and others.

We all believe we understand things and figure out how this world is going. But, really?
Any information, images we understand from the world must go through our subjective sensories in order to perceive in our consciousness. For instance, things you see are just optic stimulus on your retina, the smell you sniff, flavor you taste, sound you listen to, and any texture you touch are all nothing more than just electronic signals to neurons in your brain.
So, in short, the brain is a compound structure of proteins and some mixture of organic matters with creating some minute electrics in terms of biology.
Surely it requires function of other organics in a body, but without a doubt, brain is the most significant sector and will have been left as the most mysterious field we need to understand further.

Even though now we have been able to map out the finest composition and clarified most elements of it throughout the genome project, it does not mean that we can understand others mind, or their thought completely.
So, maybe our conscious can never be understood in real, as we comprehend things throughout subjective sensors and only rely on scientific objective measurements to interpret phenomenon surrounding us in the real world.
In that sense, experience is one of relevant matters to human in terms of accumulating the coded information, although it reconfigures the information by personalization.
In fact, it’s extremely difficult to keep it intact in our vulnerable mind in which reflection, influence from out world occur all sudden instantly just like the surging shadow inside of a cave.
Besides, it metaphysically relates to cultural, environmental backgrounds.

Therefore, perception which include whole the process of thought and state of one’s mind cannot be free from the influence of inside, and outside.
But, YES for sure, it plays a relevant role whilst we make a decision, and subtly engage when one makes any relationship with others.

Now, it seemingly looks almost impossible to define whether we understand things and others. However, as you know that there is it, so it relates you. Everything around you including the existence of other perceptions affects your world in so many different levels.
Thus, it would be absolutely the challenge to reveal how it works in our mind, what it does with our conscious. I believe it is worthy to endeavor, and there should be no restriction in order to decode the system, unless it harms modern ethics and respect to human.

metafaux studio / 메타포스튜디오

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